Exclusive Laundry Service

Gwarancja satysfakcji

Washing & drying – 30,99zł

(price for 1 load of laundry up to 5kg)

Your clothes will be:

  • washed

  • dried

  • folded

  • packed in a bag

We wash everyday clothes: dress shirt, polo shirt, t-shirt, blouse, sweater, pants, skirt, underwear, towels, bedding.


Large laundry – 60,99zł

(price for 1 full load of laundry)

kołdry na stroneIncludes:

  • washing

  • detergents

  • drying

We wash:

duvets, pillows, blankets, bedspreads, sleeping bags, covers.




Steam ironing

(price per item)

Dress shirt, polo shirt, t-shirt, blouse, sweater, pants, skirt, shorts, dress, tunic - 4,99zł


Tablecloth, curtains - 2,99zł/m2




Pick up & delivery


6 days a week

Only 6zł/km







Wash&Go - Exclusive Laundry Service

ul. Sienkiewicza 114 (at the corner with ul. Piastowska)

50-347 Wrocław

phone: +48 534 707 234. +48 537 467 117




Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 10-19,

Sat 10-17


                  Wash&Go  - for You to serve.